4 Tips To Help When Your Garage Door Is Stuck

Garage Door Maintenance

Garages are a lovely addition to every home. They allow you to store your car inside, or build a workshop for your favorite hobby. Unfortunately, they often come with garage door maintenance costs as well which typically arise when the door gets stuck. Today, we will look at 4 common solutions to fix your stuck garage door, that might prevent a costly maintenance bill.

Garage Door Maintenance Calgary

Keep the track clear

Ensuring the wheel track is kept clear is a key component in making your garage door lasts for a long time. Regular inspections to remove loose debris, like leaves or ice, ensure the wheels do not receive unnecessary damage that can expedite your garage door getting stuck. 

If your garage door is stuck already, inspect the track and see if any of the wheels are caught on loose debris that can be removed.

Offset the weight with the help of a friend

Sometimes garage doors can become askew. After inspecting the tracks, if your garage door is still hanging askew, seek help from a friend to lift the lower end and set it evenly back on the tracks. Be very careful during this process, as garage doors are quite heavy and, when handled improperly, can be the cause of an accident or injury. In this circumstance of garage door maintenance in Calgary, if you aren’t comfortable, it is best to consult with the professionals. 

Lubricate the track

As with all moving mechanical assemblies, it is important to keep the components well-lubricated. This ensures ease of travel and reduces the likelihood that small build-ups of dirt or grime do not impede the movement. Use products recommended by your installer to ensure a lubrication product is not used that could adversely affect the track system.

Inspect the track, wheels, and springs

If the above solutions do not work to repair your garage door in Calgary, a full visual inspection will be beneficial. Look down the length of the track, inspecting for kinks or bends that keep it from running true. Inspect the wheels for gouges or tears that might cause them to roll improperly. Check the springs and hinges between the door panels to ensure they fold properly so no catches can occur during movement. 

If you see any potential issues, jot them down. It is unwise to try and affect the repairs without suitable training, but if you call a qualified professional, they will surely appreciate your diligence and effort in inspecting your garage door. 

Trust Your Garage Door Maintenance in Calgary to the Experts

Regardless of your efforts to repair your garage door, sometimes there is nothing you can do to fix it. In those unfortunate experiences, it is best to trust your garage door maintenance in Calgary to a qualified professional. Ensure you speak to garage door repair persons who have your best in mind, and seek a consultation so you can budget to unstick your garage door. 

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