5 Easy Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Winter

5 Easy Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Winter

As winter has arrived, it is time to get proactive with your garage door. It is one of the most overlooked aspects of a home, despite it being vitally important to the safety and security of your home. Proper garage door maintenance in Calgary can prolong the security of your garage and reduce the need for any repairs in the future. Here is how you can go about protecting your garage door.


The 5 Best Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door This Winter 

1- Inspect the rubber seal strip on the bottom of the garage door 

The rubber strip at the bottom of your garage door is one of the most critical factors in protecting your home from the cold. If the strip is cracked, torn or brittle, it will allow the cold to come into your home. It’s imperative then that you get it replaced and repaired as soon as possible so that you can protect your home in winter. It is best if you call an expert to help you with your garage door repair in Calgary, as it can be risky doing it yourself.


2- Inspect the moving parts of the garage door. 

Your rollers and tracks can cause you serious problems if they are damaged, loose, or covered in grease. Wear and tear on your rollers or tracks can lead to issues with the cables or torsion springs, risking your health and safety. If your garage door cannot close properly, it can either lock up or fall unexpectedly, potentially cause bodily harm.


Garage Door Maintenance

3- Check the remote control batteries

Batteries are not reliable in the cold, as can they freeze up or struggle to work. This means that your garage door is at risk. Make sure you check the batteries of your remote control, and how it works with the sensors, so you know they are fully operational throughout the winter. There is nothing quite as frustrating as owning a remote control garage door opener, only to have the batteries die when you need them most.


4- Keep your garage door from sticking to the snow and ice 

Your garage door can stick to snow and ice, which can cause you some problems when it comes to managing your garage door in winter. You can quickly stop this by washing the bottom and edge of the rubber seal with some soap and water, then spray some anti-freeze to ensure it stays lubricated.


5- Schedule a Garage Door tune-up in Calgary 

Annual planned garage door tune-ups are vital for the longevity and efficiency of your garage door. Having a professional conduct a thorough garage door tune-up in Calgary can help you find any issues with your door, and make repairs on the spot. Planned maintenance services identify potential problems and stop untimely emergencies.


By following these five simple tips, you can ensure that your garage door works throughout the winter, and you don’t have any significant issues. 


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