Are Garage Door Sensors Universal?


The wide world of garage door maintenance in Calgary gives us many opportunities to find new and exciting information to share with our clients. Today we look at garage door sensors, how they work and if they are universal.

Garage Door Maintenance: Sensor Edition


First, we must establish that all garage door sensors have the same purpose, which is determining if there are any blockages or problems at the base of the door. This serves a dual function of safety and prevention. The safety aspect prevents people from getting hurt if a door closes on them, and the prevention stops damage to possessions and the door itself. 

Additionally, all garage door sensors will function in the same way, which is to say that a “photo eye” system is involved. Essentially, the sensors verify their position on either side of the door, and if they make contact, the system functions normally. However, if they cannot verify the other’s position, the garage door will reverse direction and move upwards.

As well, there are several brands of garage door sensors that are marketed as universal. These devices integrate seamlessly with many of the popular garage door brands and provide the same functionality as the default units. But, they may not function with less common brands or older units.

The Bottom Line for Universal Sensors

The bottom line for Calgary garage door maintenance involving universal sensors is that no, not all garage door sensors are universal. Some devices will work with multiple manufacturers, and, generally, they all perform the same function. Still, certain manufacturers and units will have their own particular brand of sensor. 

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