Can Cold Weather Affect Garage Doors?


Like all mechanical systems, from motors and engines to tracks and pulleys, garage doors can face increased difficulty during the colder months. This may increase the likelihood of Calgary garage door maintenance in a few ways, including:

Cold Calgary Garage Door Maintenance Culprits

Metal Contraction/ Embrittlement

One of the most common problems with mechanical systems is the tendency for metal to embrittle and shrink in colder temperatures. This can cause myriad problems, and for Calgary garage door maintenance, in particular, it can lead to the wheels sticking in transit and problems with the garage door opening and closing.

Hardened/ Insufficient Grease

Second on the list of common mechanical problems is metal-on-metal systems’ tendency to negatively interact with cold grease. Grease, like metal, will naturally expand and contract with temperature changes, and if the wrong grease is in a garage door system, it may even freeze solid. This can cause clumping and lead to failures during the door’s transit. 

Photo-Eye Sensor Fogging

Finally, the photo-eye sensor on your door may experience adverse effects in the winter months. In particular, quick changes to the temperature can oversaturate the air with moisture, leading to the collection of condensation on the glass aperture of the sensor. This water may block the beam, causing the door to improperly close and incorrectly signalling a blockage.


How to Prevent Cold Weather Woes for Your Garage Door

The issues we describe above are not particularly common, but they are the likely culprits if you do experience an issue. The best way to prevent them is by using a trusted and professional company for all your installation, repair and maintenance needs. Give us a call today to see how we can help winterize your garage door!

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