Can Someone Break Into Your Garage Door?

Can Someone Break Into Your Garage Door

Garages are incredibly useful spaces that not only offer your car shelter but may also be a place to store other important stuff. However, thieves can also break in if you have poorly done garage door installation in Calgary. Past incidents show that burglars and thieves have been able to break into garages using just a coat hanger and a wood block. They can tamper with the security mechanism of the roll-up garage from outside and pull up the security latch. See what you need to do to keep your garage secure!

Finding Proper Garage Installation in Calgary for Protection 

How to Secure Your Garage

Skilled thieves break into your garage by using just a wire and a wood block. Sometimes the garage may have windows through which the thief can easily find out what is happening. Thieves may use the trick to break into the automatic doors.

You can put in some installations to ensure that it takes a lot of time for the thief to break into a garage. The thief may stop their efforts to avoid getting caught in the act. Below are some tricks that can be useful for securing a garage and a garage door.

  • Release the door lever and place it in an engaged position.
  • The lever can also be tied securely with the garage assembly using a thin or plastic wire. The wire is run through the small hole of the lever or the carriage assembly.
  • If you do not find any hole, you can drill one to run the wire through.
  • If the door is automatic, you can use the zip-ties for locking the opener’s engaging arm.
  • You can also create a DIY shield to ensure that a coat hanger cannot access and reach the lever.

When you have a wire in place, the thief may be unable to use a coat hanger to pull the liver down and break into your garage door.

Reach Out to Experts

You can also reach out to an expert garage door installation in Calgary and talk to them to know more about the security options.is available for your garage doors. Whether you want to get your existing garage door repaired, install some more security accessories on the existing doors, or want a modern and secure garage door, these experts and services can fulfill all your requests and needs. A new garage door or security system will come with many modern technologies such as:

  • A change in code after each use for the rolling doors (also called the rolling code technology).
  • Wi-Fi integration allows you to operate your garage doors anywhere you want. You can access the door mechanism through your smartphone.
  • Timed closing the door so that it automatically closes itself at a specified time.
  • Preexisting battery backup so that your door operates every time you want and its operation is not dependent on electricity.
  • Connecting with smart devices through digital assistants including Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Garage doors can be an important security component of your home. Someone can also break into other room areas and spaces of the home if they can break into the garage door. Talk to a leading garage door installation and repair service provider like Aladdin Garage Doors to know more about the best options for a secure garage door that brings you the ultimate peace of mind.

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