Can You Reprogram a Garage Door Opener?


When you move into a new home, you might be tempted to reset the garage door. It is a good security method as you can remove the memory of any remotes still tied to the garage opener. So come with the Calgary garage door installation experts, Aladdin Garage Doors, as we explain how to reset your garage door opener.


Before we get into the procedure itself, you should ensure that you have the appropriate tools, including: 

  • Garage door opener
  • Garage door opener remote or keypad
  • Ladder
  • Instruction manual

Resetting your Garage Door Opener

Many garage door openers are built the same and have similar functionality. So these instructions should be helpful to anyone who has had a garage door installation in Calgary. However, you must always consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model before attempting to make changes. 

Step 1: Locating the “Learn” Button

You can follow the electrical wires to their source, to begin with. Next, take off the lens cover of your garage door opener. Look for a button (purple or red, usually) that says “learn” on it. This button is critical to the rest of the operation.


Step 2: Hold the Learn Button for 15 Seconds

Press and hold the learn button for 15 seconds. Keep an eye out for a small light that may blink to indicate a status change. This signals that the machine’s memory has been wiped.

Programming a New Remote

Once you have reset your garage door opener, it will no longer respond to any previously paired devices. You will, therefore, have to program your existing or replacement remote. Here are the steps to this process.

Step 3: Push the Learn Button Again

A simple press of the learn button will begin its searching mode. This lasts for about 20 seconds, so have your device nearby.

Step 4: Push the Remote’s Button

After pressing the learn button, push the button on your remote. This will pair the devices. Ensure you test them for the best results.

Programming a New Passcode

Some garage doors have a passcode lock next to the door. To reprogram these, you can follow steps 1-3, and the alternate step 4 provided below.

(Alternate) Step 4: Program the Code & Hold the “Enter” Button

Program your 4-6 digit lock code and then hold the enter button at the base of the keypad. Wait for an input signal and test your new code for the best results.

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