5 Easy Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter


Modern homes are great. We enjoy the benefits of electronic appliances in our kitchen, sturdy walls to protect us from the elements and garage doors to make entering and exiting a breeze. 

However, we haven’t managed to solve all of our problems. In the winter months, for instance, there can be several issues with our homes. Our water pipes might burst, our furnaces might unexpectedly quit, and our Calgary garage doors may require maintenance. 

Today, we look at the five easiest Calgary garage door maintenance jobs so that if you do face an issue, you can address it quickly and with little disruption to your daily activities.

5 Simple Calgary Garage Door Maintenance Procedures

1. Resetting the Automatic Door Sensor

It is always a pain when your automatic door system doesn’t work properly. Luckily, fixing this issue is relatively straightforward. Simply find the sensor modules, which are typically placed about shin height next to the door, and ensure they face each other. As this is a common repair, what happens most often is that they get bumped and turned away from one another. 

2. Troubleshooting the Automatic Door

If you have fixed your sensor and there is still an issue with your door, consider manually opening and closing it. There can occasionally be a problem with the track system after a lack of full movement for the door, which may cause it to improperly open or close. Resetting the actual door position can sometimes do the trick.

3. Setting a Wheel Back on the Track

If you have an older garage door system, the wheel tracks may have become damaged or bent with time. This can lead to occasional slippage in the wheels. Make sure you have a friend to lift the door and replace it in position if you can see a wheel is out of place. Then, call a garage door repair company to prevent the issue from repeating itself.

4. Clean the Weather Stripping

On the preventative side of maintenance, ensure you clean your weather stripping at the start of the winter. If there are bits of debris or gunk on the weather stripping, it can affect the seal and lead to heat loss, freezing and other issues.

5. Replace Your Remote Batteries

Our final tip is on replacing the batteries on your remote. This simple fix is often enough for most issues related to your garage door, but it is often overlooked. If your garage door isn’t working properly, try this fix before moving forward.


Call the Experts for the Rest

Now that you have seen some of the easiest fixes for your garage door, this winter should be a breeze. Just remember, if you can’t fix it, don’t worry! As experts in everything to do with garage doors, Aladdin Garage Doors can help you install, repair and replace your garage door, and everything in between!

For all your residential garage door services in Calgary, trust the experts at Aladdin Garage Doors. Whether you need a garage door repaired or installed, we are the professionals for you. Our technicians have the training to get any job you need done quickly and safely. We supply and install top quality garage doors and sections, as well as remote controls, inside wall units, and additional accessories. It doesn’t matter if you need new garage doors or garage door repairs in Calgary; we’re the business for you. Call us at 403-908-0999

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