Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Installations

Garage doors installation. Post Rail and Spring Installation / Assembly

When it comes to garage door installation in Calgary, you may think it’s okay to leave this operation to the professionals, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Garage doors are great additions to the home, but they are complicated and intricate items that require a skilled hand to maintain and operate. 

Although, there is no harm in you learning about the process. Of course, you should always leave your garage door installation in Calgary to a professional, but everyone can benefit from additional knowledge. Plus, you are sure to surprise and delight your garage door technician by asking them about their trade and the proper steps needed to make your garage hum. 

Get a head start on your questions by learning more about garage door installations below:

The Process of Garage Door Installation

The process of garage door installation begins very similarly to other construction and building projects because it starts with reviewing all instructions. While some people express hesitancy in reviewing all instructions, there is no reason for you to feel this way. Building and assembling products based on the steps provided by the manufacturer not only prevents accidents, but it also ensures a successful project guided by the people supplying the materials. 

Handyman fixing the window with screwdriver

Once you have reviewed all the instructions, you will have to begin removing your old garage door. The first step of this process mirrors the last step of the installation. Remove the tension spring that allows your garage door to move freely. This step is probably the most important as it is the most dangerous. Releasing the tension too quickly will cause the spring to erratically expend energy, potentially causing property or personal damage. Make sure you are confident in your ability if you wish to modify your door’s spring. 

After the spring is removed, start at the top panel and remove all hardware attached to it. Work your way down the door panels, repeating the removal process at each section. After all of the panels have been removed, the next step will be removing the track and remaining components. The remaining components may include the brackets used to fasten the door and assembly to the frame.

Finally, you are ready to begin the garage door installation. As you might expect, the removal process shows the reverse steps to the installation. First, you find the bottom door panel, easily done by looking for the weather stripping and prepare it for mounting, which means installing any hinges, struts, or fasteners, and then proceeding to the next panel. 

Once all panels are connected and their respective parts attached, you will have to run the track along the wheels and fasten it in place. Make sure you leave space near the opening of your garage with the track and ensure you use the track included with your garage door. Old tracks may not have the same dimensions or running length. 

Finally, you will have to mount the new spring. Again, it is essential that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely as this part of the installation process has the highest potential for injury. 

Trust the Experts with Your Garage Door Installation

Of course, this is a review of the basic installation of a garage door. Many exceptions or inclusions can change the process, such as the number of struts your garage door requires, whether or not an automatic door opener requires installation and the size and dimensions of the specific door undergoing installation. 

Therefore, you may be better off to leave your garage door installation in Calgary to the experts. After all, they’re experts for a reason, and you will guarantee a quality job that suits your needs, every time. Plus, getting to know them means you will have a friend when it comes time for garage door maintenance.

For all your residential garage door services in Calgary, trust the experts at Aladdin Garage Doors. Whether you need a garage door repaired or you need a new one installed, we are the professionals for you. Our technicians are highly trained to handle any job you need to be done. We supply and install top quality garage doors and sections, as well as remote controls, inside wall units, and additional accessories. It doesn’t matter if you need new garage doors or garage door repairs in Calgary, we’re the business for you. Call us on 403-908-0999.

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