How Much Should a Garage Door Tune-up Cost?


The cost of Calgary garage door maintenance, tune-ups or repair will depend on several factors, including the existing damage to the door, the company performing the work and the type of repairs required.

The Factors Affecting Calgary Garage Door Maintenance Costs

Existing Damage to the Garage Door

During the Calgary garage door maintenance, many issues could be found. These include dents to the panels, track misalignments and much more. Depending on the severity of any one issue and the total number of issues, the price may fluctuate. 

The Company Performing the Garage Door Tune-up

The company you choose to perform your garage door maintenance in Calgary will affect the price of the service. Some companies may distribute their fees through several different checks, or they may offer a flat rate for a complete inspection. Additionally, the overhead costs and profit margins of individual companies can affect their pricing.

The Type of Garage Door Repairs Needed

The type of garage door repairs you need will also affect the price. Simply replacing a single panel from a garage door may not be as expensive as replacing a track or installing a new garage door opener. Similarly, if there are really no issues to address but just simple adjustments to extend the life of the system, the price will likely be lower than if repairs are needed.

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An important part of garage door repair and maintenance is establishing a rapport with your repair person or company. The more comfortable both parties feel with one another, the easier it is to have candid discussions about simple repairs and pricing. This relationship can also help you understand the costs associated with tune-ups, repairs and maintenance. Come to Aladdin Garage Doors for a friendly, reliable experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and an exceptional garage door at your service. 

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