How the Heat Affects Your Garage Door

How The Heat Affects Your Garage Door

As summer heats up, you may notice your garage door isn’t operating as smoothly as it used to. Even if your door doesn’t seem affected by the heat, there are several reasons why this might occur. 

If any of these are happening, you may need to reach out for garage door repair in Calgary to help fix it. Learn how the heat can affect your garage door, so you can keep it running well! 

How Heat Leads to Garage Door Repair in Calgary 

Shadow of basketball backboard and hoop on a garage door.

The Heat & Garage Door Parts

First and foremost, your garage door comprises different parts that can be affected by heat differently. These parts include:

  • The tracks and rollers that guide your door as it opens and closes (also known as torsion springs)
  • The springs that help to lift your door when it’s open (also known as extension springs)
  • The hinges on which the garage door swing plates attach to the wall or ceiling of your garage

A garage door uses many parts to lift, including springs and cables that operate together with your opener. The springs and cables of your garage door are under constant tension and steel. The tension exerted on them allows them to lift the weight of your garage door to 800 pounds in some cases.

If you could hold this much weight in your arms for any extended period, you’d feel it-and so do the steel cables and springs that operate your door. What more if it is too hot when you’re doing so?

The Heat’s Adverse Affect on Garage Doors 

When the temperature is too high, it can put added tension and pressure. As the temperatures rise, you may notice that your garage door starts to act differently. Perhaps it’s moving slower than usual or making more noise than average. 

In extreme cases, the door may even fail to open at all. While it may be tempting to think that your garage door is simply malfunctioning, the truth is that the heat can significantly impact how your garage door operates.

As the temperature increase, so does the air pressure inside your garage. It can cause the garage door to become unbalanced, making it more difficult for the opener to lift the door. Additionally, heat can cause the metal parts of your garage door to expand and contract, which can loosen screws and joints. If left unchecked, these problems can eventually lead to severe damage or even cause the garage door to collapse.

How to Manage Garage Door Heat

 Fortunately, you can do a few things to help keep your garage door in good working condition during the summer months. First, ensure that you have proper ventilation in your garage to help keep the air circulating. You should also check all the screws and bolts on your garage door to ensure they are tight and not vibrating loose.

Finally, if you notice any significant problems with your garage door, be sure to call a professional for garage door repair as soon as possible. By taking these simple steps, you can help keep your garage door functioning correctly all summer long.

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