How to Fix a Garage Door Opener


The convenience of a garage door opener makes them a mainstay in the home. They improve the ease of bringing groceries into the house and offer a convenient way to park your car inside the protection of your home. However, there are occasions when you may need to seek garage door repair in Calgary.

There are several reasons that you may need this service in relation to your garage door opener. However, before you seek the help of professionals, consider the problems below. For many of these issues, there are convenient fixes that you can perform yourself.

The Common Garage Door Opener Repairs


Dead Remote Batteries

Overall, the issue we hear the most about is a dead battery in the remote of the garage door opener. This issue makes a lot of sense as there is really nothing preventing the continual pressing of the remote when it is away from home. In many situations, it gets jammed between the seats of your vehicle, and slowly drains throughout the day. 

Luckily, there is an easy fix for this problem, which is, of course, replacing the batteries. Typically, the small sliding cover of the battery compartment is easily removable, but sometimes you will need a small screwdriver to remove the holding screw. It is then a simple swap and cover replacement before you are ready to continue with the convenience of your garage door opener.

Door Not Completing its Action

On occasion, your garage door may not complete its full descent or ascent. Usually, this is because of an issue with a block of the beam sensor. These devices are present at the door rail, about knee height from the ground. Take a moment to inspect them and see if any objects would block their path. If so, remove the object and try again. If the problem persists, use a damp cloth to gently clean the sensor’s lens, as an accumulation of dust can occasionally cause this issue. 

Wall Switch Issues

Wall switch issues refer to a lack of response when you push the wall switch to open or close the door. Here again, there is a typical problem. The problem is a second or third button on the wall switch mechanism that blocks its use. Simply push the switch and see if you have remedied the problem.

Power Problems

Occasionally, there are power problems with your garage door opener unit. In these situations, the most obvious fix is checking the power cable. Sometimes it will become unplugged, but in other cases, you may need to switch it to the opposing socket. This action resets the sensor and can resolve the issue without too much work on your part.

Call the Garage Door Repair Professionals

Finally, our last piece of advice regards the operational manual that comes as part of your unit. This manual will have a list of common problems and solutions specific to your garage door opener’s make and model and may have the correct answer to your question.

Finally, if you are having an issue outside of the ones above, give us a call. There may be issues with the interior wiring of your garage door opener, and necessary garage door repairs in Calgary may be required. 

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