How to Repair a Garage Door Panel


Garage door repair in Calgary takes on many different forms. Sometimes it means diagnosing a problem, as we do in this article. Other times, it means working with electronics to ensure functionality, like our article on reprogramming garage door openers. Today, it means discussing the proper way to repair a garage door panel. 

Repair vs Replacement: Which to Choose?

When it comes to garage door repair in Calgary that focuses on the panels themselves, the best choice is often replacement, especially when it comes to dents. This is because of the insulation material sandwiched between the outer shell of the panels, which cannot be easily reformed after it is damaged.

The best option in these situations is to replace the damaged panel itself. Still, if more than one panel is suggested, a complete door package may be better suited to the task. By doing our Calgary garage door repair this way, we ensure that the integrity of the system is maintained and your garage door will continue to function without further issue.

Replacing garage door panels is best done with expert advice and assistance. Professionals can help identify the manufacturer, order the right replacement panel and follow the correct steps to remove the old panel and install the new one. Plus, they know how to do the job safely, meaning there are fewer hazards. 

Get Garage Door Repair in Calgary Today

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