Is a Noisy Garage Door Concerning?

Garage Door Maintenance

Well, the simple answer to the question is – YES! A noisy garage is certainly a matter of concern! At some point in life, almost every homeowner faces a noisy garage. A noisy garage is not uncommon. But does that mean that the door of your garage is damaged? Well, not really. Sometimes by hiring a garage door service, you can get it fixed immediately. 

Some garage doors generally make some noise when you open or close them. But if you find some unusual noise you are unfamiliar with, you should immediately call and get garage door maintenance to investigate the issue further. Too much noise from your garage doors should not be left untreated for a long time. 

Whether Noisiness Means Needing Garage Door Maintenance

What Types of Garage Door Noises are Matters of Concern?

If you notice the following kinds of noises while opening your garage door, you need to call a professional to investigate and get it fixed to ensure proper garage door maintenance:

  • Squeaking noise– A squeaking noise indicates additional friction in the door joints. It mostly happens due to a lack of proper lubrication. All you need to do is clean the track and lubricate it. But for tip-up doors, this is not quite the case. The jam arms are often squeaky for tip-up doors, and it’s not quite a matter of concern.
  • Grinding noise– If you hear a grinding noise every time you open the garage door, this indicates that there is some serious issue with the door. You will hear a grinding noise if something is worn down or scuffed during the door’s movement. Sectional rollers’ doors often get worn out with time. It mostly happens due to moisture exposure. All you need to do in such a situation is call a garage door maintenance agency to change the worn-out rollers. 
  • Rattling noise– If the hinge points of the garage door get broken or snapped, the entire weight of the door will get imbalanced, leading to a rattling noise. In such situations, you need to call a professional technician to get it fixed. A technician carries everything from small door components to hinges, bolts and nuts. Whatever might be the issue, they will investigate and fix it immediately. Also, they might suggest non-expensive methods to fix the problem.

How to Stop Your Garage Door From Becoming Noisy?

As they say, “prevention is better than a cure” by taking care of simple things, you can stop your garage door from becoming noisy over time. Things like clearing the door by removing dust and cobwebs regularly, preventing moisture absorption (for wooden doors), using wood oil to prevent cracking and rinsing and regularly wiping the doors will protect the door from any damage in the long run. 

Garage doors require regular maintenance to work smoothly for a long time. But with time, if you hear unusual noises persisting for a few days, It’s better to call a professional and get the matter investigated before the issues get more severe. 

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