The Most Common Garage Door Repairs

The Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Is there a new, loud noise starting to occur when you open your garage door? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common issue that many Calgary garage door businesses are well acquainted with fixing. Just as there are common garage door problems, common repairs also come with them. See what common repairs garage doors are susceptible to and ensure your garage door remains in tip-top condition! 

How Common Issues Occur

Garage door problems can happen for various reasons depending on what is going wrong. However, for the most part, you can equate these common issues arising from general wear and tear (especially during months of harsh weather) and poor maintenance. For the most part, people use their garage doors practically daily, with the average one opening and closing over 1,500 times a year. It’s common for parts to grow old or break and lead to said common issues. The one silver lining of common garage door problems is that they’re a universal enough issue for enough people that there are easy-to-find solutions. 

Common Repair Problems

As a rule of thumb, even though there are common garage door problems, it doesn’t mean you can handle doing common repair work. There is a huge risk you take when you attempt to repair your garage door yourself since you can not only make damages worse but, most importantly – potentially hurt yourself or others. 

Yet, one thing you can do is spot what needs to be repaired. If you see any of the following common issues from your garage door, then it’s time for you to call a professional for repairs:

  • Broken or stretched out torsion springs
  • Worn rollers and bearings
  • Bent rails
  • Broken cables
  • The door is damaged from either warping or cracks that interfere with its ability to move up and down.

Prevention for Common Repair Issues

It’s recommended to inspect your garage door for any potential issues and keep up with its maintenance. Maintenance is crucial for preventing common repair issues and is instrumental in increasing the lifespan of your garage door. The thought of maintenance might seem overwhelming – but you would be surprised to know it’s rather low maintenance! For the most part, it’s suggested that garage door owners do annual upkeep, and it doesn’t take long if you’re inspecting and addressing areas for ten minutes each. If you’re uncomfortable doing so, you can always reach out to a professional to best assess the condition of your garage door. 

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