The Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Is there a new, loud noise starting to occur when you open your garage door? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common issue that many Calgary garage door businesses are well acquainted with fixing. Just as there are common garage door problems, common repairs also come with them. See what common repairs garage doors are susceptible to and ensure your garage door remains in tip-top condition! 

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We Won Another Award!

We couldn’t be happier to announce that, for the third year, Aladdin Garage Doors has been voted Homestars Best Of 2021! As one of the best garage door repair companies in Calgary, Aladdin Garage Doors is just happy to provide great service and fantastic value. Still, it is truly a pleasure to see our hard work recognized by you, our valued customers. We look forward to continuing to improve and meet the high standards expected of us.

With nearly perfect scores in all categories (average rating, recency, reputation, responsiveness) and overall great-rated reviews (Avg: 9.8/10), our 97% star score brings us immense pride and happiness. But to truly understand why we value the HomeStars award so much, it is important to understand the company behind the award.

What is HomeStars?

HomeStars describes itself as, “… Canada’s largest network of verified and community-reviewed home service professionals.” They provide information, reviews and ratings for many businesses involved in the home service industry, including renovators, glazers, decorators, designers, and, of course, garage door installation experts. They value honesty in reviews, meaning that they are entirely customer-driven and companies removing reviews is generally against their policies. 

What Does This Award Mean for Aladdin Garage Doors?

What this award means for Aladdin Garage Doors is that we are on the right track. Clearly, our stellar service, great timeliness, honesty and respect for our clients shines through. We only hope to continue delivering grade-A new door installation in the future that will continue to keep us worthy of the prestigious expectations placed on us.

Thank You!

We appreciate and thank all our valued customers who left such glowing reviews as it helps us calibrate our expectations and deliver even better services in the future. Without your continued support, we would not be able to share our success!

For all your residential garage door services in Calgary, Aladdin Garage Doors are the experts you can trust. Whether you need new garage door installation, repairs or maintenance, our professionalism and friendly demeanour can help. Our technicians are trained to get the job done right, on-time and to your standards. We supply and install top-quality garage doors and single sections, as well as remote controls, inside wall units, and additional accessories. We’re the Calgary garage door repair business for you, so call us today at 403-908-0999

We Won an Award!

The best garage door repair companies in Calgary now include Aladdin Garage Doors. We could not be happier to announce that threebestrated.ca has placed us on their list of the three Best garage door repair companies in Calgary. It is truly a pleasure to see our hard work recognized by such a prestigious organization, and we look forward to meeting the high demands of this recognition.

The stringent examination of the site found us passing with flying colours in several categories, including their website’s standards, the accuracy of their business information, and the above-average quality of their reviews. 


What is Three Best Rated?

Three Best Rated is a website that dedicates itself to providing a simple service; the three top businesses in a particular category in key cities across North America. They pride themselves on using an in-depth inspection with a 50-point rating system. Plus, with extra quality steps, such as their employee verification method, they are capable of showing users the very best across a wide range of categories!

What Does This Award Mean for Aladdin Garage Doors?

Ultimately, Aladdin Garage Doors will not change much with this reward. Instead, they will continue to offer the same high-quality service and professional garage door services that earned them this spot in the first place. However, they can now move forward with an even greater sense of accomplishment, as they can now say for certain that their process and approach are the key to their continued client satisfaction and client growth. 

To learn more about why they were chosen for this award, or how to benefit from their exceptional services, click here to visit their website, or get in touch through the contact information available below!

For all your residential garage door services in Calgary, trust the experts at Aladdin Garage Doors. Whether you need a garage door to be repaired or need a new one installed, we are the professionals for you. Our technicians are trained in any job you need to get done. We supply and install top quality garage doors and sections, as well as remote controls, inside wall units, and additional accessories. It doesn’t matter if you need new garage doors or garage door repairs in Calgary; we’re the business for you. Call us at 403-908-0999