5 Types of Single Garage Doors


When it comes time for you to replace or install a garage door, you want to have as much notice as possible. However, sometimes this simply isn’t possible, and you need to rush into a decision. Don’t worry. Instead, follow this helpful guide for making an informed decision.

The Types of Garage Doors for Installation


1. Sectional garage doors

The first type of garage door we will discuss is the most common, which is sectional garage doors. For your garage door installation in Calgary, this is an excellent option with a lot of staying power. While it is true that this is a common type of door, many people don’t consider how much variation you can have with sectional doors. Just look at the different materials for inspiration.

For instance, though we will discuss it in more depth later, aluminum/glass doors create a beautiful aesthetic for your garage doors. Consider a muted or frosted glass to really bring out the modernity and a bit of extra privacy. Or, go for a more traditional appearance with wood or faux-wood options. While they may be a bit pricier than conventional steel composite, the improved aesthetic is great for achieving a classic look.

2. Slide to the side

Certainly surprising for those without prior knowledge, slide to the side doors were quite common not too long ago. Initially, their design was a benefit for people without the necessary headroom for an overhead door. However, they appear to have fallen out of style in recent years, which is a true shame. If you have a relatively empty garage or seek something a little more unique, consider a slide to the side garage door.

3. Tilt-up

Tilt-up garage doors are an excellent choice for those who don’t need all the fancy dressings of modern garage doors. With a simple weight balancing, these doors are easily manipulated by hand and showcase an elegant style. Plus, if you have an interest in single-piece garage doors, a fantastic choice for customization is a mural painted on your garage door. Great for sports fans and artists alike!

4. Barn Door/ Carriage House

Barn door, or carriage house, style doors are characterized by their double-set of swinging doors. They make a good option for traditional appearances and are almost essential if you have minimal garage space. Plus, when you choose a quality garage door installation in Calgary, you can ensure they swing correctly and with ease, every single time. 

5. Contemporary vs Classic

We are moving away from opening mechanisms for our last type of garage door. Instead, consider what your garage door says about you. This consideration might not seem important at first glance, but when you factor in the fact that your garage door constitutes a large portion of your home’s facade, it takes on a new meaning. 

Typically, you can put sectional and slide to the side doors in the contemporary category. Barn doors and tilt-up are more classic, but the material also plays a role. For instance, wood is a more classic material if you compare it to the aluminum or glass options of modern garage doors. Ultimately, you should weigh each of these options and choose the style that best reflects your personal style. If you need help making a choice, feel free to give us a call!

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