What You Shouldn’t Store in a Garage


For many people, if there’s an item they don’t want to store inside the house, the default alternative storing place is the garage. However, some things are highly inadvisable to be placed in such a location. Depending on what you choose to store inside, it causes garage door maintenance issues that can become problems in the future. Avoid such circumstances by checking out what not to keep in your garage below! 

Proper Storage for Garage Door Maintenance


If you’ve ever repainted your house, you may have some extra paint cans. However, if you store them on the garage floor, they won’t last very long in the extreme heat of the summer or the bitter cold of the winter. Furthermore, the paint tins will rust faster if you put them on cement floors instead of shelves. Plus, any spills that can occur will make garage door maintenance harder than it needs to be. 

Wooden Furniture 

Wooden furniture won’t last as long if kept in a chilly and wet garage. Wood is brittle enough to be impacted by variations in humidity, and when the amount of moisture in the air varies, the wood’s fibres will expand and contract. As a result, there can be breaks that you can’t fix.


Even though it may seem obvious, food shouldn’t be kept in the garage. Otherwise, you are inviting rodents and other pests. It’s also not smart to stock up on canned goods in the garage just in case the end of the world comes. Temperature changes may impact it. For example, it may freeze in the winter and then thaw, losing part of its flavour.


Pages will curl, and spines will distort in the same manner that humidity affects wood. It’s because of how paper fibres react to moisture. Magazines, photo albums, and other materials also fall under this category. Additionally, humidity may help mold grow, and paper is unluckily prone to becoming moldy under such circumstances. Hence, books and other paper-based objects must stay out of the garage.


Be careful if you want to re-sell old laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, or DVD players. The drastic temperature changes in the garage might cause damage. Because moisture may enter the circuits, electronics are particularly vulnerable to condensation damage. Furthermore, electrocution increases when water enters anything electrical, which can be a major problem.

Propane Tanks

It’s best to keep propane tanks used for barbecues out of the garage. Preferably a location with good ventilation. If you store them in a garage, they pose a safety issue since the vapours might catch fire whenever you start the car. Furthermore, a propane gas tank leak can be fatal, particularly in a small area like a garage.

You shouldn’t put items in the garage as two things may happen. It’s either that item gets damaged, or it may cause damage to your garage. The doors are particularly susceptible to damage. Thankfully, with good garage door maintenance, you can minimize the damage, which means fewer repairs or replacements. However, when the time comes that you need to have the garage doors repaired or replaced, you should contact the professionals. You can also ask them what kind of items are okay to store in your garage. They’ll likely have a better answer as they have the experience and know your garage’s specific conditions. 

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