Why Does My Garage Door Open By Itself?


When it comes to garage door repair in Calgary, many strange and curious things can occur. Not all problems are related to broken remotes, after all. Today, the subject of our article is “phantom operation,” or the tendency of some garage doors to open of their own accord. We look at the possible causes and corrections for this weird phenomenon down below.

Calgary Garage Door Repair: Phantom Operation

Sensor Troubles

Perhaps the most common reason for Calgary garage door repair related to phantom operation, sensor troubles are easy to spot. Rather than coming home and finding your garage door open, what usually happens when a sensor is the cause is a “rebounding” of the door when it reaches a certain height. 

This happens because something is blocking the sensor, causing a false positive in the system that keeps the door from closing. Removing any blockages from the sensor’s path and cleaning the lens are usually the fastest and easiest ways to fix this minor problem.

Older Models

Some of the models that require the most frequent garage door repair in Calgary are the ones older than 20 years or so. The reason for this is a change in the frequency designation of automatic remotes. Older remotes used a pool of fewer than 15,000 frequencies, which was small enough to cause repeats in certain areas. As a result, other home’s remotes could be used to open garage doors.

Newer models have done away with this problem by changing the frequency pool. Now, over 100 million combinations are possible, ensuring that this problem will stay firmly anchored in the past. To fix this in your home, contact our professional team to swap out your old circuit board for a newer one. 

Electrical Shorts

Phantom operation can be caused by electrical shorts in your system. These shorts can occur in the door opener itself, the remote, or even the wall-mounted button. Identifying this problem requires working with electricity and could be dangerous, so it is best to contact us to diagnose and address the problem if this is the root cause.

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